U0100 Lost communication with the ECM/PCM

U0100 code

When monitored U0100 code:

- Ignition run time is greater than one second.

- Battery voltage between 9 and 16 volts.

- Engine run time greater than three seconds.

Set condition U0100 code:

Bus messages not received from the powertrain control module (ECM/PCM) for approximately two to five seconds.

Possible causes

- Can bus circuits open or shorted

- DTCs related to battery voltage, ignition, or vin messages

- Powertrain control module power and ground

- TIPM not configured correctly

- Powertrain control module (ECM/PCM)

- Module that set this DTC

Diagnostic test U0100 code

Active DTC 

Ignition on, engine not running. With the scan tool, select view DTCs.

Is the DTC active at this time

Yes, Perform the U0100 Lost communication with ECM/PCM diagnostic procedure.

No, refer to non DTC diagnostics/comunication diagnosis and testing and perform the stored lost communication DTCs diagnostic procedure.

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