Automotive Acronyms

Automotive Acronyms

The following is a list of acronyms used throughtout this publication :

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
A/C (Air Conditioning)
ACC (Accessory)
AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)
Ah (Amp Hours)
ASD (Auto Shut Down)
AUX PDC (Auxiliary Power Distribution Center)
BCM (Body Control Module)
BTSI (Brake Transmission Shift Interlock)
CAN (Controller Area Network)
CCN (Cabin Compartment Node)
CGW (Central Gateway)
CHMSL (Center High-Mounted Stoplamp)
CUSW (Compact US Wide)
CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
CSWM (Comfort Seat Wheel Module)
CTM (Convergence Telematics Module)
CTP (Chrysler Telematics Platform)
DDM (Driver Door Module)
DLC (Data Link Connector)
DMM (Digital Multi-Meter)
DMR (Door Module Rear (left/right))
DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code)
DVOM (Digital Volt Ohmmeter)
EBL (Electric Back Light)
EC (Electrochromic)
ECM (Engine Control Module)
ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
EPS (Electro-hydraulic Power Steering)
EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference)
EOL (End of Line)
ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
ESM (Electronic Shift Module)
ETC (Electronic Throttle Control)
EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Center)
FCM (Front Control Module)
FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
FOBIK (Finger Operated Button Integrated Key)
FPDC (Front Power Distribution Center)
HF (High Frequency)
HID (High Intensity Discharge)
HIS (Hydraulic Impulse Storage)
HSD (High-side Driver)
HSM (Heated Seat Module)
HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)
IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor)
ICR (In-rush Current Relay)
ICS (Integrated Center Stack)
IGNM (Ignition Node Module)
HIS (Interior High-speed)
IOD (Ignition-OFF Draw)
IC (Instrument Cluster)
IP (Instrument Panel)
IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster)
IPDC (Interior PDC)
IPM (Integrated Power Module)
KIN (Keyless Ignition Node)
LED (Light-emitting Diode)
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
LF (Low Frequency)
LIN (Local Interconnect Network)
LRSM (Light Rain Sensor Module)
LSD (Low-side Driver)
MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)
MSM (Memory Seat Module)
MUX (Multiplex)
NGC (Next Generation Controller)
OBD (On-Board Diagnostics)
ORC (Occupant Restraint Controller)
PCM (Powertrain Control Module)
PDC (Power Distribution Center)
PDM (Passenger Door Module)
PEKG (Passive Entry/Keyless Go)
PEM (Passive Entry Module)
PIN (Personal Identification Number)
PROXI (Program and Configuration of Systems (electronic) Integrate)
UPDC (Underhood Auxiliary Power Distribution Center)
PWM (Pulse-width Modulated)
PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle)
RF (Radio Frequency)
RFH (RF Hub)
RKE (Remote Keyless Entry)
RPDC (Rear Power Distribution Center)
SAS (Steering Angle Sensor)
SCM (Steering Control Module)
SCCM (Steering Column Control Module)
SKIM (Sentry Key Immobilizer Module)
SNA (Signal Not Available)
SOC (State of Charge)
SOH (State of Health)
TCM (Transmission Control Module)
TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module)
TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring)
UAM (Ultrasonic and Anti-tilt Module)
UGDO (Universal Garage Door Opener)
VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
VSM (Voltage Stabilization Module)
VTA (Vehicle Theft Alarm)
VTSS (Vehicle Theft Security System)
WCM (Wireless Control Module)
WIN (Wireless Ignition Node)

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