Airbag Verification Test

Airbag Verification Test

1. Remove all special tools and jumper wires and reconnect all previously disconnected components, except the battery.

Airbag Verification Test

Warning : Turn the ignition on, then reconnect the 12 Volt battery and wait two minutes before proceeding. Failure to follow these instructions may result in possible serious or fatal injury.

2. Connect the scan tool to the Data Link Connector-use the most current software available.
3. With the scan tool, erase stored DTC in Airbag System Module.
4. Turn the ignition off, and wait 30 seconds, then turn the ignition on.
5. Wait one minute, and read active DTC in all Airbag System Modules.
6. Read the stored DTC in all Airbag System Modules.

Are any DTC present or if the original condition still present ?

Yes, repair is not complete. Select the approriate diagnostic procedure from the table of contens (sitemap-B code (Airbag).
No, test is complete for Airbag Verfication.

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