U0002 CAN C Bus off performance

U0002 code

When monitored U0002 code: 

- Ignition run time is greater than one second.

- Battery voltage between 9 and 16 volts.

- Engine run time greater than three seconds. 

Set condition U0002 code:

Bus messages not received from the totally integred power module (TIPM) for approximately two to five seconds.

Possible cause U0002 code:

- Can bus circuits open or shorted

- DTCs related to battery voltage, ignition, or vin messages

- Totally integrated power module power and ground 

- TIPM not configured correctly

- Totally integrated power module (TIPM)

- Module That set this DTC

Diagnostic test U0002 code

Active DTC 

Ignition on, engine not running. With the scan tool, select view DTCs.

Is the DTC active at this time ?

Yes, diagnose the U0002 CAN C BUS off performance as the U0001 CAN BUS circuit test. Perform the U0001 Can C bus diagnostic procedure.

No, refer to non DTC diagnostics/communication diagnosis and testing and perform the stored lost communication DTCs diagnostic procedure.

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