P0563 Battery/System Voltage High

P0563 CODE

P0563 code - The transmission control module (TCM) monitor ignition voltage. The DTC will set and temporary limp in will be activated, if the monitored battery voltage rises above 16.9 volts. If the voltage drop below 16.4 volts, normal operation is resumed and the TCM will record the DTC as a trip fault. The DTC will only mature to a full DTC if the voltage rises above 16.9 volts with an engine speed greater than 2000 RPM for a least 60 seconds. Set condition this DTC When the monitored battery voltage rises above 16.9 volts.

Possible causes P0563 code:
- Charging system overcharge condition
- Jump start off a 24 volt system
- Transmission control module (TCM)

Diagnostic test P0563 code

Step 1. Check for charging, system DTCs.

This includes any one trip faults.

Are any PCM charging system DTCs present?

Yes, refer to Powertrain control Module (PCM) diagnostic and perform the appropriate diagnostic procedure.

No, go to step 2.

Step 2. Check if voltage is greater than 16.9 volts

Star the engine and raise the engine speed to 2000 RPM. With the scan tool, monitor the transmission system voltage for at least 60 seconds.

Does the transmission system voltage read above 16.9 volts for any period of time? 

Yes, go to step 4.
No, go to step 3.

Step 3. Verify if vehicle was jump started with 24 volt system

Verify if the vehicle was jum started by another vehice using a 24 volt charging system.

Was the vehicle jump started by another vehicle using a 24 volt charging system?

Yes, this is the cause of the DTC. Erase the DTC and return the vehicle to the customer.
No, go to step 5.

Step 4. Check battery voltage 

Start the engine and raise the engine speed to 2000 RPM. With the scan tool, read the transmission system voltage. With a voltmeter, measure the battery voltage at the battery. Compare the readings.

Does the voltage readings match between the trasmission scan tool reading and the battery voltmeter reading?

Yes, repair the charging system for an over charging condition.

No, using the schematics as a guide, check the transmission control module (TCM) terminals for corrosion, damage, or terminal push out. Pay particular attention to all power and ground circuit. if problems are found, replace and program the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Perform the NAG1 Transmission Verification Test.

Step 5. Check the wiring and connectors

The conditions necessary to set this DTC are not present at this time. Using the schematics as aguide, inspect the wiring and connectors specific to this circuit. Wiggle the wires while checking for shorted and circuits.

Were there any problem found?

Yes, repair as necessary.

No, test complete.

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