B2207 Occupant Restraint Controller Internal 1

B2207 code - When monitored this DTC with the ignition on. The Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) on board diagnostics continuously performs internal circuit tests. Set condition this DTC will set if the ORC idetifies an not out of internal circuit.

Possibble causes:
- Intermittent squib shorted to ground
- Intermittent squib shorted to voltage
- Intermittent squib Open
- Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)

Diagnostic Test B2207 code

Check for squib related DTCs

Turn the ignition on, with the scan toll, read ORC DTCs.

Is there any squib related DTCs present?

Yes, diagnose specified squib DTCs according to precedure in manual before diagnosing this DTC.

No, Turn the ignition off, disconnect the battery and wait two minutes before proceeding. If the Occupant Restraint Controller  (ORC) is dropped ant any time, it must be replaced. Replace the ORC, perform the Airbag system verification.

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