C2204 Dynamics Sensor Internal

C2204 Code - Ignition on, no under voltage DTCs. Until vehicle speed exceeds 20 km/h (12.4 mph) for the first time. If DTC U1003 is present, perform the diagnsotics for this DTC before continuing with this test procedure.


Set condition Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module detects Yaw or Lateral Sensor signal is out of range. Default actions this DTC, ABS is desabled.

Possible causes C2204 Code

  • Dynamics sensor installation
  • Dynamics sensor

Diagnose C2200 Code

Check for an active DTC
Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool read ABS DTCs and record on the repair order. With the scan tool, read and record environmental data to help identify the conditions in which the DTC was set. With the scan tool, erase the ABS DTCs. Cycle the ignition switch.
Make sure brake capability is available before road testing.
Attempt to operate the vehicle under conditions similiar to which the DTC was set. It may be necessary to test drive the vehicle within the DTC monitoring and set conditions in order for this DTC to set. Test drive the vehicle by turning the vehicle left or right in a curving amnner at a velocity between 6 and 12 mph (10 and 20 km/h). Park the vehicle, with the scan tool read ABS DTCs.

Is the DTC active?

Yes, replace the Dynamics sensor. Perform the ABS Verification Test.
No, perform the ABS Intermittent conditions.

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