U0141 Lost communication with IPM (FCM/TIPM)

U0141 code

When monitored U0141 code this diagnostic runs continuously when the following cponditions are met :

- With the ignition on.

- The battery voltage between 10.0 and 16.0 volts.

- Ignition off draw (IOD) fuse installed.

- Totally integrated power module (TIPM) is configurated correctly. 

Set condition the Bus messages not received from the totally integrated power module (TIPM) for approximately two to five seconds. Default actions the Mil light will illuminate.

Possible causes U0141 code:

- Can bus circuits open or shorted

- DTC related to battery voltage, ignition, or vin messages

- Totally integrated power module power and ground

- TIPM Not configured correctly

- Totally integrated power module (TIPM) 

- Module that set this DTC

Diagnostic test U0141 code

Verify check for an active DTC

Make sure the IOD fuse is installed and the battery is fully charged before proceding. Turn the ignition on. With the scan tool, read DTCs. 

Is this DTC active ?

Yes, refer to totally integrated power (TIPM) diagnosis and testing and perform the U0141 Lost communication with IPM (FCM/TIPM) diagnostic procedure. 

No, refer to non DTC diagnostic/communication diagnosis and testing and perform the stored lost communication DTCs diagnostic procedure.

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