P0601 Internal Memory Checksum invalid

P0601 code

P0601 code - The Transmission Control Module (TCM) performs various internal tests to verify proper controller operation. If the TCM detect that the variable that dictate the vehicle application are not present aDTC will set. Set condition this DTC if the TCM detects that variables that dictate the vehicle application are not present.

Possible causes P0601 code :

- Control Not Kode

- Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Diagnostic test P0601 code

Check If TCM Is Flashable

Controller is programmed with genetic software and will not allow the correct vehicle Powertrain management.

1. With the scan tool, record the vehicles controller part number.

2. Select Use Controller Part Number under the Flash Tab.

3. Flash the controller with the correct software.

Where you able to update (flash) the controller successfuly ?

Yes, test complete. Perform the NAG1 Transmission Verification Test.

No, using the schematics as a guide, check the Transmission Control Module (TCM) terminal for corrosion, damage, or terminal push out. Pay particular attention to all power and ground circuits. If no problems are found, replace and program the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Perform the NAG1 Transmission Verification Test.

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