B222A Vehicle Line Mismatch

B222A code - The Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) sends a Bus Message to the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) containing the vehicle line but the ORC original VIN does not march the broadcast VIN.

Possible causes B222A code:

- Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM)

- Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)

Diagnostic test B222A code

Step 1. Verify that DTC B222A is active

Make sure the battery is fully charged. Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool read ORC DTC.

Does the scan tool display active B222A?

Yes, go to step 2.

No, perform the Airbag system verification.

Step 2. Compare stored VIN in the TIPM and ORC

With the scan tool in ORC  select more options select ECU details, compare original VIN and current VIN. With the scan tool, read and record the VIN that is stored in the ORC.

Does the stored VIN match the current VIN?

Yes, turn the ignition off, disconnect the 12 volt battery and wait two minutes before proceeding. If the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) is dropped at any time, it must be replaced. replace the ORC, perform the Airbag system verification.

No, replace or reprogram the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM), perform the Bodi Verification Test. 

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