B1204 Passenger Airbag Indicator Circuit Low

B1204 code - The repair of this fault does not involve any external circuitry and centers on the validity of the modules internal circuitry. The airbag indicator is serviced as a unit with the instrument cluster.

When monitored this DTC with the ignition on and when requested to turn on by the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC). The airbag warning lamp sets in the cluster. The airbag indicator lamp circuit is monitored by the ORC at a rate of every 500ms.

Set condition this DTC the cluster software detects the resistance across the airbag lamp is less than 5K Ohm for five seconds. The fault will go from active to stored after the circuit voltage has returned to normal voltage range for five seconds. The supply voltage range is 9-16 volts.

Possible causes B1204 code

- Cluster

Diagnostic test B1204 code

Check for active DTC

The cluster performs internal tests on the airbag lamp during each ignition cycle.

With the scan tool, erase DTCs. Turn the ignition off, wait 10 seconds, then turn the ignition on. Wait for the cluster to perform the bulb check. With the scan tool, read DTCs.

Is the DTC active?

Yes, replace the cluster. 

No, test complete. perform the Bodi Verification Test. 

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