P1697 EMR (SRI) Mileage Not Stored

P1697 EMR (SRI) Mileage Not Stored code - The odometer mileage has not been programmed into the PCM. MIL light illuminate.


Possible causes P1697 code

- PCM odometer mileage not programmed
- Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Diagnosttic test P1697 code

PCM odometer mileage not programmed
Turn the ignition on with the scan tool, program odometer into the PCM. With the scan tool erase DTCs, cycle the ignition off to on. With the scan tool read DTCs.

Is the DTC active or pending?

Yes, replace and program the Powertrain Control Module. perform the Powertrain verification test.
No, the SRI mileage has been succesfully programmed into the PCM. Test is comlete.

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