MIL ON DTC P06DD - Jeep 3.6L V6

Symptom :
MIL ON, DTC P06DD Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck Off.

Diagnosis :
If the MIL illuminted after cylinder head replacement inspect the following:
- Loose timing chain tensioner attachment bolts.

If the MIL is illuminated and cylinder head was NOT replaced, inspect the following:
- Inspect the piston cooling oil squirters located aat the bottom of the cylinder bores for missing center valve cap.

Center Cap Missing
Center Cap In Place

Repair Procedure:
Note: Verify PCM software is at the most current level.

Are tensioner bolts loose?
Yes, tighten to proper specifications
No, proceed to next step.

Are and caps missing from the squirter's?
Yes, replace squirter
No, follow diagnostic procedures for DTC outlined on this site.

Clear DTC and road test.

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