C1232 Drive Test: Pressure Sensor

C1232 code - During the drive test. Set condition, if the pressure sensor fails to activate.

Possible causes code C1232 Drive Test: Pressure Sensor

  • Hydraulic/brake system component installation.
  • Integrated control unit.
  • Pressure sensor (Hydraulic Control Unit).

How to fix diagnose code C1232 Drive Test: Pressure Sensor?

Step 1. Check for a DTC C1232 Drive Test: Pressure Sensor

This DTC must be active for the results of this test to be valid.

Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool, read and record DTCs. With the scan tool, read and record environmental data to help identify the conditions in which the DTC was et. Perform the ECU initialization with drive test (see ABS verification test). Start the engine and apply the brake firmly, with the scan tool read and record DTCs.

Does the scan tool display C1232 Drive test: pressure sensor?

YES, go to step 2.
NO, perform the ABS intermittent.

Step 2. Check hydraulic system and brake system component installation and function

Verify that the Antilock Brake System (ABS) Module and Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) are properly installed. Verify that the hydraulic system is properly filled and bled. Verify that the brake system components are installed and functioning properly.

Were any problem found?

YES, repair as necessary.
NO, clean contacts in HCU first if problem reoccurs replace the Integrated Control Unit (ICU). Perform the ABS Verification test.

Test complete for code C1232 Drive Test: Pressure Sensor.

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