B2204 ECU Configuration Mismatch

B2204 code - The Wireless Control Module (WCM)/Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) receives different information than is configured within the module. Examples include model year, country code, body style, platform, remote start, sun roof.

B2204 ECU Configuration Mismatch

Possible causes

  • Wireless Control Module (WCM)/ Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM).

Diagnose DTC B2204 ECU Configuration Mismatch

1. Turn the ignition on.

Note: Before continuing, review and check for the following:
  • Review that repair history of the vehicle.
  • Ensure that the vehicle has the correct PCM and WCM/SKREEM installed by verifying the part numbers.
  • With the scan tool, ensure that the PCM and WCM/SKREEM are programmed correctly. Compare the PCM VIN to the WCM/SKREEM VIN and ensure the two VIN match.
With the scan tool, clear DTCs. Perform 5 cycles, leaving the ignition switch on for a minimum of 90 seconds per cycle. With the scan tool, select view DTCs.

Does the DTC reset?

YES, replace and program the WCM/SKREEM.

Note: If this vehicle is equipped with a steering column control module, it must be replaced along with the WCM/SKREEM.

NO, the DTC is not active at this time. Test complete.

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