B210B System Voltage High

B210B System Voltage High - The Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) also known as the Wireless Control Module (WCM) has detected the system voltage above 16 volts.

B210B System Voltage High

Possible causes B210B System Voltage High

  • Fused ignition switch output (run-start) circuit.
  • Wireless Control Module (WCM)/(SKREEM).

Diagnose DTC B210B System Voltage High

Step 1. Determining if DTC is current

Note: Diagnose any related Powertrain DTCs before continuing.

With the scan tool, read and clear DTCs. Perform 5 ignition cycles, leaving the ignition switch on for a minimum of 90 seconds per cycle. Using the scan tool, read DTCs.

Does the DTC reset?

YES, go to step 3.

NO, go to step 2.

Step 2. Intermittent condition

Note: Check for any of the following conditions:
  • Poor wire to terminal connection.
  • Corroded terminals.
  • Backed out or loose terminals.
  • Broken wire internal to the insulation.
  • Dirty (partial) module ground.
With the ignition on, wiggle the related wires. Using the scan tool, read DTCs.

Does the DTC reset?

YES, repair the wiring an necessary.

NO, DTC is not active at this time. Test complete.

Step 3. Fused ignition switch output (run-start) circuit shorted to battery voltage

Note: A dirty (partial) ground can cause abnormal conditions within a system. Ensure the module has a good ground before continuing.

Turn the ignition off, disconnect the WCM harness connector. Using a 12 volt test light connected to ground, probe the fused ignition switch output (run-start) circuit in the WCM harness connector.

Does the test light illuminate brightly?

YES, repair the fused ignition switch output (run-start) circuit for a short to voltage.

NO, replace and program the WCM. Perform the WCM system verification.

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