Wireless Control Module (WCM) Verification Test

Wireless Control Module (WCM) Verification Test - The Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) is also known as the WCM. Depending upon model and year of the vehicle being serviced it may be equipped with either a SKREEM or a WCM.

Wireless Control Module (WCM) Verification Test

Perform the following after completion of a diagnostic repair:

Note: When entering the PIN, care should be taken because the WCM will only alloe 3 consecutive attempt to enter the correct PIN. If 3 consecutive incorrect PINs are entered the WCM will lock out the scan tool. To exit lock mode, the ignition key must remain in the run position for one hour. All accessories must be off. A battery charger connected to the battery during this time period is recommended.

Note: On vehicles equipped with a premium Tire Pressure monitoring (TPM) system, when the WCM and or the spare tire pressure sensor is replaced with a new unit, a diagnostic scan tool must be used to run a routine that allows the WCM to be programmed with the ID number and location of the spare tire pressure sensor mounted in the wheel of the spare tire. Follow the programming steps outlined in the diagnostic scan tool for ''learn spare tire sensor ID'' under ''Miscellaneous functions'' for the ''WCM'' menu item as appropriate. In addition, if the WCM is replaced, the spare tire must be dismounted form its wheel to acces and note the ID number on the spare tire pressure sensor so that the ID code for that sensor can be programmed into the new WCM.

Reconnect the previously disconnected components and connectors. Obtain the vehicles Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned to its original WCM. This number can be obtained form the original vehicle invoice or from the original vehicle invoice or from your service manager or part manager.

Note: If the PCM and the WCM are replaced at the same time, program the PCM VIN into the PCM first.

Note: The PCM stores the secret key information. If the WCM ever needs to be replaced, the secret key information can be retrieved from the PCM and then transferred to the WCM for security use.

During PCM replacement, use the following steps to ensure transfer of the secret key information from the WCM to the new PCM/ECM:

1. First replace the PCM/ECM with the original WCM still connected to the vehicle.

2. Using the appropriate service information program the new PCM/ECM. (This will ensure the secret key transfer from the original WCM into the new PCM/ECM).

3. Now replace and program the WCM (if necessary). This will retain the secret key from the PCM/ECM back into the new WCM.

Note: If this vehicle is equipped with a steering column lock module, it must be replaced along with the WCM.

4. With the scan tool, select ''Miscellaneous functions, WCM. Then select the desired procedure and follow the display on the scan tool.

5. If the vehicle is equipped with tire pressure monitoring system program the placard pressure values into the WCM.

6. Ensure all the customers keys have been programmed into the new module if necessary.

7. With the scan tool, erase all DTC. Perform 5 ignition key cycles, leaving the key on for at least 90 seconds per cycle.

8. With the scan tool, read WCM DTC.

Are there any WCM DTC present?

YES, repair not complete, go to and perform the appropriate diagnostic procedure.
NO, repair is complete.

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