B1A24 Key Not Programmed

Possible causes DTC B1A24 code

  • Key not programmed
  • Wireless Control Module (CM) / Sentry Key Remote Entri Module (SKREEM)

Diagnose DTC B1A24 Key Not Programmed

B1A24 Key Not Programmed

1. Program all of the ignition keys

Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool, attempt to program the keys into the WCM/SKREEM.

Was the programming of the keys succesful?

YES, perform the WCM Verifcation test.

NO, replace the ignition key and attempt to program it into the WCM/SKREEM. If the DTC resets, replace and program the WCM/SKREEM.

Note: If this vehicle is equipped with a steering column lock module, it must be replaced along with the WCM.

Perform the WCM Verification test.

Test complete for DTC B1A24 Key Not Programmed.

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