B1A10,B1A11,B1A12,B1A13,B1A14,B1A15,B1A16,B1A17 RKE Fob Battery Low

B1A10,B1A11,B1A12,B1A13,B1A14,B1A15,B1A16,B1A17 RKE Fob Battery Low - When the Wireless Control Module (WCM) senses that the RKE transmitter signal is not as strong as it ought to be, this code will set.

B1A10 RKE Fob 1 Battery Low

Possible causes:
  • Low battery.
  • RKE transmitter.

Diagnose code:

B1A10 RKE Fob 1 Battery Low
B1A11 RKE Fob 2 Battery Low
B1A12 RKE Fob 3 Battery Low
B1A13 RKE Fob 4 Battery Low
B1A14 RKE Fob 5 Battery Low
B1A15 RKE Fob 6 Battery Low
B1A16 RKE Fob 7 Battery Low
B1A17 RKE Fob 8 Battery Low

1. Test for intermittent condition

Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool erase DTC. Operate the RKE transmitter in all positions several times. With the scan tool, read DTC.

Does the scan tool display this DTC as active?

YES, replace the RKE transmitter battery and retry the system. If the DTC returns, replace and program the RKE transmitter. Perform the Body verification test.

NO, the condition that caused this to set are not present at this time.

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