P0507 Idle Speed Performance Higher Than Excepted

P0507 Idle Speed Performance Higher Than Excepted - When monitored this DTC Engine running at idle, no throttle input requested, vehicle speed equal to zero, vehicle in Drive with brake applied, engine run time or more than 30.o seconds. Set condition engine speed is more than 200rpm above idle speed for 30.0 seconds. Default action the MIL light is illuminate, if the vehicle is equipped the stop/start feature, the system will be disabled when this DTC is active.

P0507 Idle Speed Performance Higher Than Excepted

Possible causes P0507 Code

  • PCV system leaks.
  • Internal or external engine vacuum leaks.
  • Loose of communication with ABS module.
  • Throttle Body assembly.
  • Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

Diagnostic test P0507 code

Step 1. Check for an active DTC
If any other throttle body DTC are present, they must be diagnosed and repaired before continuing this test.
If there is a loss of communication with the ABS Module or implausible data from the ABS Module DTC present, diagnose and repair those faults before proceeding. A loss of communication with the ABS Module will cause the PCM to default the vehicle speed to zero while driving and will false fail the idle speed rationality diagnostics, setting this code.

Start the engine, test drive or operate the vehicle in accordance with the when monitored and set conditions. With the scan tool, read DTC.

Is the DTC active?

YES, go to step 2.
NO, perform the the PCM intermittent condition.

Step 2. PCV system
Inspect the PCV system for restrictions-sticking valve, collapsed hoses or tubes, obstructed passages or ports, etc.

Were any problems found?

YES, repair as necessary.
NO, go to step 4.

Step 3. Vacuum leaks
Start the engine, inspect the engine for internal leaks. Inspect any external component that can create a vacuum leak. Inspect the following items, but not limited too:
  • Vacuum supply lines.
  • Brake booster.
  • Purge solenoid.
  • Engine seals.
Were any vacuum leaks found?

YES, repair the vacuum leak as necessary.
NO, go to step 4.

Step 4. Throttle body operation
Inspect the throttle body for carbon build up, other restrictions, and a bent throttle plate using a straight edge. If the throttle plate does not close entirely it may be bent and needs to be replaced. Start the engine, while the vehicle is running, lightly tap on ETC motor where applicable, with your hand, and listen for idle to raise.

Were any problems found or did the idle fluctuate while tapping on the ETC motor?

YES, verify that there is good pin to terminal contact at the throttle body and the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) connectors. Repair or replace the throttle body assembly if no problems were found in the customer. Disconnect the battery when the replacing the throttle body assembly. After installation is complete, use a scan tool and select the ETC RELEARN function.

NO, go to step 5.

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