P061C-ETC Level 2 RPM Performance, P061A-Level 2 torque performance, P060F-ETC Level 2 ECT Performance, P060E-ETC Level 2 TPS Performance, P060D-ETC Level 2 APP Performance, P060B-ETC A/D Ground performance, is same in with this step by step code P062C ETC Level 2 MPH Performance.

P062C-ETC Level 2 MPH Performance

When monitored, throttle motor is powered, no vehicle speed related DTC have matured. Set condition, when secondary software determines that the vehicle speed is implausible for a period of time. Default action the ETC Light flash.
Possible causes:
  • PCM needs to be programmed.
  • Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

Diagnose code P062C, P061C, P061A, P060F, P060E, P060D, P060B

Step 1. Program the Powertrain Control Module
Verify the PCM is at the latest calibration (flash level). An intermittent loose of power to the PCM without performing an ETC relearn procedure may cause this DTC to set. If a PCM has later calibration available, program tha PCM in accordance with the service information. Start the engine, allow the engine to idle. Operate the accelerator pedal (do not exceed 5300 rpm). With the scan tool, select view DTC. Diagnose any other DTC that may have set with the P062C.

Does this DTC reset by itself ?

Yes, replace and reprogram the Powertrain Control Module. Perform the Powertrain Verification Test.
No, test complete.

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