P0129 Barometric Pressure out-of-range low

P0129 Barometric Pressure out-of-range low, after an engine off period of 12.0 seconds, battery voltage greater than 10.4 volts, engine speed less than 30 rpm. Set conditions, the voltage from the MAP sensor is less than 2.28 volts, but above 0.10 volts. Default actions, ETC light will flash, MIL light will illuminate, if the vehicle is equipped with the stop/start feature, the system will be disabled when this DTC is active.

P0129 Barometric Pressure out-of-range low

Possible causes:
  • 5-Volt supply circuit open.
  • MAP sensor.

Diagnose code P0129 Barometric Pressure out-of-range low

Step 1. Check for an active DTC
Diagnose and repair any 5-Volt reference DTC before continuing with this test procedure. Turn the ignition on. With the scan tool, read DTC.

Is the DTC active or pending?

Yes, go to step 2.
No, perform the PCM intermittent condition.

Step 2. Check the 5-Volt supply circuit
Turn the ignition off, disconnect the MAP sensor harness connector. Turn the ignition on, measure the voltage on the 5-Volt supply circuit in the MAP sensor harness connector.

Is the voltage between 4.9 to 5.1 volts?

Yes, verify that there is good pin to terminal contact in the MAP sensor and Powertrain Control Module (PCM) connectors. If no problems are found, replace the MAP sensor.

No, repair the 5-Volt supply circuit for an open or high resistance.

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